Tindaya is the name given to both this Village and the 401 meter Mountain that overlooks it. The mountain stands out from other nearby hills because of it's differing geological composition (Trachyte). It is often referred to in local folklore and was considered sacred by the natives.

At the top of the mountain are examples of ancient feet carvings or podomorphs, it is also said that on a clear day Mount Teide in Tenerife is visible from the summit.

In recent years, Tindaya has become even more famous because of the controversy surrounding the 50m3 cube-shaped space proposed for the centre of the mountain. The late Basque sculptor Eduardo Chillida's plan to create a giant cavity in the centre of the mountain with horizontal and vertical passages (for access and lighting) has been denounced by environmentalists since it's conception.

There has been some question over the legality of the project as Tindaya is supposed to enjoy special protection as a Spanish Natural Monument.
Since the mountain is composed of Trachyte - which has considerable commercial value as a decorative stone there is also some question over the motivation for the project, though there is little doubt that it would make an impressive tourist attraction.

Just south of Tindaya is a monument to Spanish author and philosopher Miguel de Unamuno by the Sculptor Juan Borges Lineres.

Map of Tindaya