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Owners' Listing Instructions

Create an Account
Adding Properties
Adding Images
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Activating your listing

Create an Account
1. The first step is to create an account:
Once you have completed all of the fields, click the "Create Account" button to create your account.

You may now login to your account using the email address and password that you provided.

Adding a Property
The next step is to add a property to your account.

Once you have logged in, click on "Add New Holiday Rental Property" to begin adding you first property.

1. The first field is 'Property Type', where you can select the category that best describes your property. This will affect which category your property will appear under in the main website.

2. Number of Bedrooms is next.

This should be the total number of bedrooms that your property has. If your property is a studio, you should select "1". Even if you charge extra for a client to use all of the bedrooms in your property, you should still select the maximum number of bedrooms that can be made available.

3. Select the Swimming Pool option that best describes your property.

4. Select the television option that best describes the options available in your property. You can always expand on this in the main description.

5. The main resorts are listed in the 'Location' drop-down list. If your location is not listed, you should select 'other'.

6. "Name of Property/Complex" is the name that you wish to give your property. This will be the title of the page and the name that it will be listed under in our search results.

7. "Normal Occupancy" is number of people that may share the accommodation before a surcharge is incurred.(i.e. the amount of people that your standard rates applies to).

8. "Maximum Occupancy" is the maximum number of people that you will permit to share your property.

9. Prices
"Price in £GBP (Low Season)" is the price per week to rent your property during the off-peak season.
Important: Even if you do not use the standard seasons (see below), you must enter a Low Season price (so that users will find your property when searching in a price range).

"Price in £GBP (Mid Season)" is the mid season price per week (optional).

"Price in £GBP (High Season)" is the high season price per week (optional).

"Price in £GBP (Christmas Season)" is the price per week at Christmas (optional).

"Supplement per extra person". If you charge a supplement for parties exceeding the Normal Occupancy, list the per person supplement here.

10. Check the "Seasons:" checkbox, if you wish to use our standard seasons. If you do not wish to use our seasons, you can list your seasons and prices in the main description.

11. "Summary" is the short phrase describing your property that will appear in the listings pages (such as the main Villas page or if a user performs a search).

12. "Main Description" is the main body of text describing your property.

Once you have completed this section, click the "Submit" button to continue to the next stage.

The Add Property Form
Adding Images
Once you have completed the previous step (complete the Add Property form), you can add images to your listing. Under the main form, that allows you to update your property, you will find a section called "Add a new Image".

Uploading Images
If you click on the "Browse" button, you will be able to select a Jpeg image from your computer to upload to the FuerteventuraInfo.com server. Once you have selected the appropriate image file, click on "Upload" to place it on our server.
You can then continue adding images of your property in this fashion.

Image Order
Once you have added all of the images that you wish to be displayed for your property, you can decide on the order in which they will be displayed on the main public page that describes your property.
To the right of each image is a drop-down list with an option of 'First', 'Second', 'Third' etc.
Select the appropriate option for each image and then click the "Change Image Order" button to finalise the order.

You will also need to select which of the images will appear as a thumbnail in the listings pages (where your property appears alongside other properties).
Simply click on the "Set this Image as the Thumbnail" link beside the appropriate image.
You can always change this option later.

Deleting Images
To delete an Image, click on the "Delete Image" link beside the image that you eish to remove.

The Add Images Dialog
Preview your listing
To check how your property will look when it is 'live' on the public website, click on the "Preview" link beside the name of your property at the top of the page.

Activating your listing
The property will not appear on the public part of FuerteventuraInfo.com until you have created a subscription with PayPal. This is a very straightforward process using your credit card, however you will need to create an account with payPal because it is a subscription (you can cancel the subscription at any time you like).

Once you are done adding images, click on the link at the bottom of the page to create a PapPal subscription and activate your property.

Once you have made payment, your property will appear in the listings on FuerteventuraInfo.com. Your subscription will be automatically renewed in a year's time, however you can cancel the subscription at any time you like and your property will remain active for the remainder of the subscription period (one year).

Subscribe to Activate your property
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