Fuerteventura Diving

Mild water temperatures of between 18C and 23C and excellent visibility of up to 50 meters make Fuerteventura a very popular place for Scuba Diving. The multitude of PADI Diving Centres around the island offer courses at every level as well as Guides and equipment hire.

Species such as Barracuda, Moray Eels, Octopus, Grouper, Angelshark and Parrot Fish are common and can be encountered at most popular Dive sites.

Dive Sites
Isla de Lobos
The Dive Sites around this small island are famous for their Volcanic Cornices and excellent visibility. Shoals of friendly Guelly Jacks, Two-banded Bream and Barracuda abound as well as the possibility to see Eagle and Spotted Rays and even the occasional Hammerhead Shark. The island and it's waters have been a nature reserve since 1982.

Caleta de Fuste
The waters around this resort offer many Dive Spots consisting of mixed Sand and Rock floor. The local fish are well-accustomed to Divers and large Groupers of up to 1.5 meters can be hand fed. Other possibilities in this area are Dolphins, Turtles, Pilot Whales and even Whale Sharks.

There are several Dive Sites around Jandia as this area has been used by Scuba Divers for quite some time. Colonies of Garden Eels, Groups of Striped Bream and Moray Eels are just some of the species that can be encountered here amongst the Volcanic Cornices, Sand and the strange Sandstone Wall.

Ajuy is a village on the west coast of Fuerteventura and it's waters contain huge caves, overhangs and other volcanic rock formations. Stingrays and Angelsharks are common in this experts-only location.

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Fuerteventura Diving