Costa Calma

This resort lies 80km south of the airport at the northern end of the Playas de Sotavento the best beaches on the island.
Although it a attracts a mostly German crowd, there is more of a mix of nationalities than Morro Jable (15km further south).

The main attraction here is the very attractive long white sand beach on this sheltered part of the coast. This is not a resort for someone who wants to go out clubbing every night as there is not much nightlife at all and nearly all entertainment is hotel-based. It is perfect for someone who wants a quiet beach holiday.

On arrival in Costa Calma you cannot fail to notice the Pine trees on either side of the main road which are like an oasis compared to the otherwise desert-like landscape of Fuerteventura.

The nearby Oasis Park (located just outside Costa Calma at La Lajita) is a zoo which can be a welcome diversion for children (and big kids too).

Distance from the Airport: 62km

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Map of Costa Calma

Costa Calma